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How to Master Excel in 11 Steps


Microsoft Excel is one of the world's most popular business software packages. It is incredibly powerful, with more features added to it continuously.

You may, therefore, have a desire to learn how to master Excel so that you can work quicker, simpler and with more ability.


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Now we discuss here how to master Excel quickly in 11 steps :


1. How to navigate the interface :


A good start is to be decisive at navigating the Excel interface. Let’s start with the basics. 

When typing data into Excel you can utilize the Tab key to move to the next cell in the column to the right.

The Enter key can be utilized to move to the cell in the next row down. If you have been utilizing tab to move through the columns, pressing Enter will take you one row down and back to the cell in the column you started in.


Pressing the Ctrl key and the Up, Down, Left or Right directional arrow keys together will take you to the last utilized cell in that direction.

This is very profitable to navigate large lists.

Pressing the Ctrl and the Home key together will take you to the first cell in your data range.


2. Learn some useful shortcuts :


The best method to speed up your day-to-day Excel work is to learn some profitable shortcuts both with the keyboard and your mouse or touchpad.

If you are a starter, then begin by learning the general keyboard shortcuts. Good ones to learn include Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste. And Ctrl + Z to undo the last action.

As you start to utilize these shortcuts in your regular work, push yourself to learn more.

Two of my favorite shortcuts are Ctrl + ; to enter today's date in a cell. And double-clicking the fill handle to copy to the bottom of the list.

Although you would not require them all, learning some to make your Excel work simpler is a considerable idea.


3. Freeze panes :


This wonderful feature keeps your headings and other labels visible at all times as you scroll around the spreadsheet. It is a crucial Excel skill to know.

The headings for a spreadsheet are commonly just in the top row. So to freeze this area, click View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Top Row.

You can freeze as many rows, and columns, as you required.



4. Learn how to master Excel formulas :


One of the main methods to master Excel is to be accomplished at writing formulas. These are the muscles of Excel.

From performing basic calculations in cells to utilizing more advanced formulas - you will stand head and shoulders above the rest if you have this skill.

If you are new to formulas, start with creating basic calculations that add, subtract, multiply and divide values.

Then start to learn some of the more basically utilized functions. These consists of SUM, IF, VLOOKUP, COUNTIF, and CONCATENATE.

When you are comfortable writing formulas, you can do almost anything. You can even utilize formulas within Conditional Formatting rules, charts and other Excel features to make them more powerful.


5. Create a simple drop-down list :


A simple drop-down list on a spreadsheet can make entering text much simpler, and more significantly ensure it is appropriate.

To create a drop-down list;

  1. Select the range of cells you want the list to appear in.
  2. Click Data > Data Validation.
  3. Select List from the Allow list.
  4. Then either type the list items into the source box separating every one with a comma. Or select a range of cells that contain the list items.

6. Visualize key data with conditional formatting :


Conditional Formatting is one of the most famous features of Excel. It helps the user get a quick understanding of the data they are looking at.

You can create simple conditions to automatically format cells if a target is reached, a deadline has passed or maybe sales have decreased below a certain threshold.

For a quick example, if a value is larger than 300 we want to change the cell color to green.

  1. Select the range of cells that you want to apply Conditional Formatting to.
  2. Click Home > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Greater Than.
  3. Enter 300 and select the formatting you want to apply.


A green fill and font color are utilized here, but there are lots of formatting options accessible.

With conditional formatting, there is also the capability to apply data bars and icon sets. These visuals can be very adequately. 


7. Flash fill :


Flash Fill is an awesome feature that quickly manipulates data. This feature can considerably reduce the time taken doing regular data cleansing tasks, that previously we relied on formulas and macros to do.


8. Summarize data with PivotTables :


PivotTables are one of the most amazing tools in Excel. They make summarising large datasets as simple as 1, 2, 3.

A PivotTable could be utilized to break down a large list of sales to see the sales by region or even sales of particular products in every region.

They are extremely powerful, but also simple to utilize. A PivotTable is a tool to make creating reports more straightforward and does not need to write any complex formulae.

To create a PivotTable;

  1. Click in the list of data you want to summarize.
  2. Click Insert > PivotTable.
  3. In the Create PivotTable dialog, ensure the range being utilized is correct and analyze if you want the PivotTable or a new or existing worksheet.


  1. Drag and Drop fields from the field list into the four areas to create your PivotTable.

The Values area is where the calculations like sum, count and average are performed.

The calculation can be changed by right-clicking a PivotTable value, selecting Summarize Values By and selecting the function you want to utilize.

With PivotTables, I encourage you to grab some spreadsheet data, insert a PivotTable and start to drag fields into the areas and explore the options accessible. 


9. Protect Excel data :


Excel features like PivotTables, formulas and Conditional Formatting will only work if the data is appropriate.

A few of the tips in this article demonstrate methods to manage this accuracy consists of creating drop-down lists and utilizing Flash Fill. Protecting your Excel data is another significant step to take.

Excel has a few different types of protection that can be applied, but the most leading one is to protect the sheet.

Protecting a sheet is performed in two stages. Firstly you identify which cells on the worksheet, you do not want to lock. This assures that users can still edit these cells. Then you apply the protection.

  1. Select the range of cells that you want to unlock.
  2. Press Ctrl + 1 to open the Format Cells dialog.
  3. Click the Protection tab, uncheck the Locked box and click Ok.
  4. Click Review > Protect Sheet.
  5. You can enter a pas.
    1. 10 . Power up with Power Query and Power Pivot :

Having knowledge of these two Power tools will take you beyond the regular user.

Power Query is a tool utilized to import and shape data ready for analysis. It is found on the Data tab of the Ribbon.

With Power Query, you can import data simply from a collection of places consists of CSV, the web and from a folder.

The Power Query Editor then provides a user-friendly environment to perform a number of cleaning and shaping operations like splitting columns, formatting, removing duplicates and unpivoting data.sword for extra security, but it is optional. Check the boxes of any functionality users will require to perform and click Ok.

The unlocked cells can still be changed, but with limited functionality. If you try and edit a locked cell, a message will appear telling you that the sheet is protected.

Power Query uses a language called M. This is challenging to master and fortunately not required for 99% of Excel users. The editor gives everything that a user would require.

Every edit that is made is stored as a step and can be refreshed in the future with the click of a button.

Power Pivot is a tool that enables the storage of huge volumes of data. Storing data in Power Pivot enables us to go beyond the physical limitations of Excel.

In Power Pivot you can also create relationships between various tables of data and write functions known as DAX function.

The capability to create these models and utilize DAX gives far more power than you can get more a spreadsheet.

This is a significant tool to understand for anyone involved in identifying huge quantities of data or requires to perform complex analysis.


11. Create Macros with VBA :


Macros enable you to automate repetitive tasks to supercharge your productivity.

These tasks can be complex, but for most users, they are reasonably simple tasks that are repeated general. Macros give a method to perform the tasks quicker and more reliably.

You can get started with macros by recording yourself performing Excel tasks. This will generate the VBA code and produce a macro.

You can find the macro recorder on the View tab of the Ribbon. It is the last button.

Recording macros can save you and your colleagues a considerable deal of time.

If you want to take things further, you can learn Excel VBA and edit your macros.

With VBA you can make your macros do things way beyond recording and create functionality that Excel does not provide itself.

To see the VBA code created by a recording;

Click View > Macros, select the macro in the list and click Edit.


Want to master Excel today?


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Auditing Process of Tally

What is Audit?


The meaning of audit is here, that is, when you do any work, it is tested by some or the other. This investigation is called audit.

Now audit in tally means checking the entry in the tally and this audit is of two types, first by user and second by CA.


Tally Audit Introduction :-


Audit is an important function of any business organization, indicating that True and Fair transactions take place in the business during the year. There an inbuilt feature in Tally.ERP 9 -Tally audit that enables auditors to audit or track changes affecting the integrity of a transaction, such as dates in the voucher, changes made to the Ledger Masters and Amount Tally audit Are reflected in the Listing. When creating a company you have to enable security control, tally audit facility. You can use the administrator login ID or create a user with tally audit access by selecting audit listings in the respective security levels. In Tally training in Chandigarh, you get the complete knowledge about Tally audit.




When is a tally audit done?


To understand this tally audit, you also have to understand what happens when tally audit goes, so when there is more user in our company then we will use tally audit option.


Example :


Suppose you have a show that you have to enter the bill of all shops, now the opening time of your shop is from 8 am to 10 pm, then in this case you will not be able to enter the whole day, then your If you will hire someone who can do your work, then you are a kind of boss and the employee or employee whom you have kept, now when you come in the morning, you will be in the tally.


If you open the company with id and after you finish the work, then your employee enters your place but if he will give his own id password, it might be a problem. If you give all your data, then we will give him a different id password, in which he will not have much permission and your data will be secured.

Then when that user has reduced his work, then you will log in to the company with your id password and audit his work.


How to audit in Tally?


To do a tally audit, some steps have to be followed. Let's know which are these steps -


  • First of all, while creating a company, you use YES to Security Control, after this, give the Name of Administrator Name a name like - Ram and a password like 111
  • After this, Click yes on the Tally Audit Features.
  • After doing this, you save the company (Ctrl + A For Save)
  • While saving, you will be asked for your username and password, then you type the same name and password that you had created.
  • Now the first thing you have to do is to create a user, you have to go to the company info or press ALT + F3 on the board.
  • After coming to Company Info, you will have to go to Security Control and after entering Security Control, select User And Password.
  • You will see a screen in which you will have to create as many users as you can in the List Of User For Company window.
  • There are four types of users on it
  • Data Entry If you want to create a user who only makes an entry, then you choose the data entry and provide it with a name and id. This user will only be able to create an account and the company will not be able to delete the correction
  • Owner, if you want such a user to open the account along with the entry, then select the owner and give him an id password.
  • In Tally.net Auditor, if we want to do online audit then we will provide email
  • In Tally.net user, we want to make online entry then we will provide email (The auditor / administrator can display or print the Tally audit listing and verify the transactions made. If the administrator or arthur is satisfied with the authenticity of the transaction /the changes made, it will accept all transactions by clicking the respective button. Once the transactions are accepted, they are removed from the audit list and will not be displayed again.)
  • Now you can create only two types of users, owner and data entry
  • After this, you can now make any entry such as purchase or sales.
  • Close the company and open it again, this time open the company with another username and password and then enter some details and close the company.
  • In the same way, you enter people from all users and enter
  • Now this entry is true or false. This main user means Ram will audit. To do this, first of all Ram will open the company with his username and password and follow the following steps.
  • Goto Display -> then select Statement Of Accounts -> Tally Audit -> Users
  • Now you can see how many entries a user has made and if you think that he has corrected the entry then you can accept it and to do this you will have to press F7 (F7 means accepting one and ALT F7 accepting all) in the keyboard to alter all the entries. Will be F7 Dawana with
  • And if the entry is wrong, you can also correct it.


If you want to learn more about the Auditing process of Tally then Tally Training in Chandigarh is the best place for you.

Role of Confidence and Attitude in Public Speaking

Confidence and attitude play a significant role in public speaking. One require to be confident in front of his/her audience to create a lasting effect. Remember, if you don't believe in yourself your audience would not take you seriously. Nervousness only specify either you are misleading or not sure of what you expect to communicate.


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What is confidence? Do you know the difference between over confident and being confident? You really do not have to overreact or utilize a fake accent just to show that you are confident. Trust me; by doing so, you would destroy the show. What is the need of copying others? Aren’t we capable enough to handle our audience? You really do not need to worry if you know you are correct. Self confidence is crucial in public speaking. Confidence reflects in the way you carry yourself. Some people have good communication skills but  they also lose confidence, when it comes to addressing a large number of people.



Challenges such as stage fear, nervousness disappear when you have confidence in yourself. There must be something in you and that is why your superiors have asked you to address a larger audience. Confidence is gained only when you know the main agenda and the purpose of the presentation is clear. How do you think people will believe you if you are not sure of your content yourself? Remember, convincing people is definitely not a cake walk. But yes, the situation becomes easier when you are not only confident enough to explain to others but listen carefully to them and also act accordingly.


Public speaking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone is comfortable standing in front of a large number of audience, making eye contact with audience and delivering his content confidently. Positive attitude plays an important role. Some people have the habit of cribbing on everything. If your boss goes to you and asks you to address a group of 50 employees, what would be your immediate response? Some people will definitely not like the idea and will make many excuses to avoid it. Where is the problem? Trust me, the problem in our attitude or the way we see things. Professionally it always helps to look at the brighter side of things. Remember, cribbing leads to no solution.


A person who accepts challenges with a smile is one who climbs the ladder of success, at least within the time limit. Do not make issues of every small and big thing. Need to stay positive. This not only reduces stress but also helps you give your hundred percent. The job of a public speaker is to ensure that his / her audience understands what was discussed in the session. A positive attitude helps you stay focused and calm. Put a smile on your face. A positive attitude plays an essential role in helping you connect with your audience. Even if someone asks you a silly question, why should you be rude with him? Never find fault in others. You need to understand that if a person has invested his time or perhaps money to attend your session, he has full right to clear all doubts and go back home happy and satisfied. People with negative attitudes usually find it difficult to adjust with fellow workers. Learn to accept your mistakes. Do not mind telling someone your mistake. Instead make sure that you do not repeat them in the future. Positive attitude helps you to deal with criticism and face critics.


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Is Quickbooks a Good Fit for a Midsized Business?

QuickBooks offers many versions designed to fit the accounting required of virtually any small or medium-sized business. All versions of QuickBooks feature tools for routine accounting that clarify tracking invoices, expenses, consumers, bills and more.

QuickBooks saves time by helping to assure correct accounting and by decreasing or eliminating altogether, required to enter the same accounting data in different software applications. 


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Regardless of your business needs, a Quickbooks version exists to aid you in your accounting process. If you would like to use the online version of the software you can select from five disparate versions. The online software comes with a monthly charge, but you will always have the latest software version and you can access your data from any computer. 

If you prefer a desktop version of the software, so you can load it on your computer and use it even if you are not online, Quickbooks has three desktop versions to meet your requirements.



QuickBooks Self-Employed (Online) :


This online version has the fewest functions, but also the lowest monthly price. At the time of publication, this software costs $5 per month. You can track your income and expenses, create invoices and accept payments, estimate your quarterly taxes and run several reports to consider your business results.


QuickBooks Simple Start (Online) :


  • Small business and sole proprietors.
  • Easily upgraded to other QuickBooks version as your business develop.
  • Offers everything in the self-employed version, plus the capability to track sales taxes, send estimates and maximize your tax deductions.
  • QuickBooks Simple Start, Essentials and Plus (Online) :


One of the biggest benefits of QuickBooks Online is its compatibility. The online versions can work across all platforms because the software does not run on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Instead, it is hosted and run on Intuit's servers and you access it using an internet browser. This offers extra security and protection from data loss and assures you always have the most updated version of the software. The feature set consist of the following :


  • Create estimates and invoices.
  • Track sales, payments, sales tax, and inventory.
  • Share data with accountants.
  • Create over 100 customizable accounting reports.
  • Manage payroll.
  • Send invoices, reports, and estimates from QuickBooks Online.
  • Add choices for online payroll, budgeting, and class tracking and sales tools.

The company offers three subscription plans for QuickBooks Online : Simple Start, which consist of the basic functions specified above. Essentials add the option of having various users, time tracking and the capability to maintain bills. The Plus version consist of all of the features of the other two versions, plus the functionality to track inventory, projects, and 1099 contractors. Every comes with a 30-day free trial period.


QuickBooks Pro Edition (Desktop) :


QuickBooks Pro edition can create estimates and invoices; payments, sales tax, track sales and inventory; integrate with Microsoft Outlook and export data to Excel, among many other features. Additionally, all three desktop versions track inventory, and the Enterprise version consist of advanced inventory-tracking features.



  • Share data with accountants
  • Create over 100 customizable accounting reports
  • Manage payroll
  • Track all bills in one place with QuickBooks Bill Tracker
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Supports up to three simultaneous users
  • You'll get a 60-day money back guarantee with QuickBooks Pro.

QuickBooks Premier Edition (Desktop) :


QuickBooks Premier offers all of the performance of QuickBooks Pro plus the following additional features :


  • Industry-specific reporting
  • Business planning tools and sales and expense forecasting
  • Create sales orders and track back orders
  • Track costs for finished products and inventory
  • Supports up to five simultaneous users

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (Desktop) :


QuickBooks Enterprise edition is the most powerful version of QuickBooks. It is designed for medium to large businesses, especially those that are increase to multiple locations. It encompasses the features of the smaller editions, adds a few more large-scale features, and expanded the number of concurrent users to 30.


  • All of QuickBooks Premier features, with improvements to some of those features.
  • Support for up to 30 simultaneous users
  • Tracking for up to 100,000 inventory items, consumers or vendors.
  • Manage fixed assets and employees
  • True Commerce's EDI Transaction Manager software now included
  • Store QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions data on Linux servers.


More Accounting Software Resources :


Unlock the full power and potential of your accounting and financial software, consist of QuickBooks software options, or find a financial software solution that is right for your business, whether you are an independent contractor or sole proprietor, partnership, small business or a large enterprise.


If you want to learn more about Is Quickbooks a Good Fit for a Midsized Business? then Quickbooks Training in Chandigarh is the right place for you.

Is Accounting a Good Career Choice

Accounting has been around since the starting of trade. Through the years, it has become a great player in the professional spectrum.

Today, it continues to contain a great number of professionals around the world. Careers in accounting are growing due to the steady demand for its services.

It is indeed one of the most encouraging professions.


And It's an Excellent Choice.


One of the usually asked questions regarding this matter is: Is accounting a good career? 

People have different takes on this and the answer confide upon what you want in life, really. Now that would be an absolutely disparate  topic so let's not go into that. We will get into the hard facts instead. If you ask me, well, I say yes. I think accounting is a good career choice. And I will tell you why.


Stability :


Accounting provide a stable rate of employment amidst economic fluctuations. Few professions take a beating when the economy dives. But not accounting.

Businesses require to keep track of their operations to be capable to find methods to survive economic plunges. They require to report their earnings to the state and pay taxes, regardless of the economic conditions. Managers require to often furnish monthly or quarterly reports to the board. Get the idea?

Accounting is an essential in business. And with the massive business activity we have , there is plenty of work for new and seasoned accountants.


Compensation :


Accounting professionals enjoy decent remuneration. The salary range differ as to your job description, level of experience, educational background, location and other factors.

Bookkeepers, accounting technicians and clerks receive an average of $15,000 to as high as $35,000 annually. Young certified accountants' salary ranges from $30,000 to $60,000 although seasoned accountants and top management officers get as high as $200,000 per annum.


Diversity :


In accounting, you have a wide selection of fields and areas of practice to select from. You can work as an employee with steady shifts and regular exercise if you want. Also, with acceptable qualifications, you can work freelance and have your individual customers. Business organizations will need your expertise to prepare, inspect , or audit their financial statements. You can also work as an instructor in the academe; a fraud investigator,become a book author or an information systems specialist.

That is how vast the convenience are in this profession.

Now let me point out one significant fact.



In the past, holding a bachelor's degree is acceptable to land into a good job. It still is a qualification but with the expanded competition in today's employment, you have got to stand out. An accounting certification in a specialized field will help you boost your career and expand your earning potential.


If you want to learn more about is Accounting a good career choice then Accounting Courses in Chandigarh is the right place for you.


Personality Traits of a Successful Manager

Remember being a manager does not mean that you are sitting in a closed cabin and forwarding on instructions to your team members. Do not forget that respect is something which is always obtain, never demanded. Adopting a Hitler access will not only make you unpopular among your team members but also an unwanted member within the organization. No one will tolerate your Bossy nature for a long time. One of the most essential roles of a manager is to take his team along and motivate team members to deliver their level best. Your role is to extract the best out of employees and also help them hone their skills and capabilities.


Make your team members feel that you are always there with them. Extend your support whenever required. A good manager is one who smiles even in stressful times. A manager should be like a safety cushion who absorbs all the tension and stress is never passed on to his team members. Encourage your team members to smile quite generally as it not only diminish stress among team members but also leads to a positive situation at the workplace.Remember,you have to be a role model for your team members. A manager is successful only when he is a strong source of innovation for his team members.


A manager required to carry himself well. Whatever you wear daily to work, your team members would automatically begin following your style. Make sure you dress sensibly; after all you have to set an example for your team members. Avoid wearing casuals and loud colors to work. Wear clothes which make you feel confident and look good.


As a manager, one require to be honest and fully committed towards the organization to expect loyalty from team members in return. Do not treat your organization as a single source of money. Discourage your team members to back stab each other pleasure  and spread unnecessary rumors about fellow workers.

Never be rude to any of your team members. Do not treat your employees as slaves. Appreciate employees who perform exceptionally well. A pat on their back will go a long way in motivating them to perform even better the next time. Put their names on notice boards to accept their hard work.


Reach office on time. Being punctual is a considerable personality trait which makes you successful in a short span of time. Ask your team members to reach office on time to avoid avoidable late sittings. Late sittings do not express that an employee is hard working but reflect his/her poor time management skills.


Leave your ego behind the moment you walk into the office. There is no place for ego and personal challenges at workplace. Do not hold personal complain against anyone in your team. Avoid criticizing and making fun of others.


As a manager, you require to be soft in your access. Be realistic. Don’t be surprised if your team member asks for a half day or a full day leave on his/her birthday. After all it is a special day for him. Do not stop him unless and until there is something actually necessary at work.


Respect your team members. Every employee in the organization ought to be treated as one irrespective of his/her designation or level in the hierarchy.

Be a patient listener. Lend a sympathetic ear to your team members in case of queries. Give them appropriate feedback and timely monitor their performance.


If you want to learn more about Personality Traits of a Successful Manager then English Speaking Course in Chandigarh Sector 34 is the right place for you.

Excel Formula Vs Function

Excel Formula Vs Function : 

Once the question I get asked about a lot it when it comes to Excel is just what is the difference between a Formula and a Function? In this article, I will discuss the differences and go through some examples.

A Formula in Excel can be described as a statement written by a spreadsheet user that requires a calculation to generate a specific result. These formulas can be as simple or complex as the users want.


A Formula can contain values, references to cells, defined names and functions - but more on the latter.



Let's start at the beginning. An Excel formula must start with an equal = sign.

If you do not enter this character, Excel will take your cell entry as text and no calculation will be performed on your cell entries.


So after the equal sign, a formula will then include the cell reference or address of the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will be manipulated or calculated using various operands that are in between.

These operands are standard mathematical operators that you will know: - multiplication, Additions, division, subtraction and exponents.


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An example of a simple formula is 


=A1+B1 which is typed into cell A2

This adds to the contents of cell A1 and B1 and shows the result in cell A2.

In summary, an Excel formula is written directly in the formula field, they do not have built-in guides, they cannot be nested and they are usually simple calculations.

The Excel function, on the other hand, is a predefined set of instructions built into Excel that will perform some type of operation to provide and output value. Another way to explain a function is a formula that has already been written for you in Excel. 

The great thing about features is that they can be nested within each other, used to simplify complicated formulas and have built-in wizard to guide the user in the different parts of the function.

All of these pre-programmed functions are grouped in the Formulas tab. Just use the Formulas tab to access them, or you can click the insert function fx button to bring up the feature dialog box

There are three ways to start using a function, just start typing the action you want to perform, e.g. SUM, AVERAGE, etc., or you can select the category if the calculation, for example, date and time, financial or TEXT and finally you can scroll about all the available options.

So if we take the same example as above, a function that would generate the same result and write the formula would be


= SUM (A1: B1) this sums the contents of A1 and B1 and shows the cell contents of A2.

So can you combine the two? Yes, you can, and often do users to simplify more complicated calculations. Let's look at an example or two.


  1. = A2 + B2
  2. = SUM (D2: D4) / 10
  3. = IF (A1 = <5, "Less than", "Not less than")

All of the above are formulas, but some contain other functions such as example 2 and example 3 as well as operators such as plus and minus to give an output.

That's it, it's really that simple.


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Personality Development Tips

We discuss here some tips for enhancing one’s personality :


  • Smile a lot- Nothing works better than a big smile when it comes to connecting with people around. Do not forget to flash your trillion dollar smile perfectly generally. A smiling face wins even the hard soul. Wear your smile while connecting with others. Smile not only helps in increase an individual’s personality but also winning other’s heart.


  • Think positive- It is actually important to think positive. Commemorate there is light at the end of every dark tunnel. Do not always resolve negative as it not only operate as a demotivating aspect but also makes a particular dull and frustrated. Do not get confused over minor things. Be flexile and always look at the broader attitude of life.


  • Dress Sensibly- Dressing sensibly and smartly go a long style in honing one’s personality. One require to dress according to the occasion. How would a female look if she wears a sari to a bar? Apparently impossible ! No matter how expensive your sari is, you can not wear it to a nightclub or a pub where everyone is dressed in smart casuals. Price has nothing to do with smart dressing. A particular who is well dressed is respected and liked by all. No one would take you seriously if you do not wear sufficient clothes fitting with occasions. Do take care of the suit  of the dress as well. A particular should wear clothes as per his/her body type, height, physique and so on. Someone who is heavy would not look very impressive in body hugging clothes. It is not imperative that something which looks good on your friend would also look good on you. Wear the right makeup. You do not have to apply loud makeup to look good and glamorous. Even minimal makeup, if applied supposedly can actually make you stand apart from the rest.


  • Be soft-spoken- Do not always find blunder in others. Fighting and quarrelling lead to no solution. Be polite with others. Be very attentive of what you speak. Avoid being rude and short tempered.


  • Leave your ego behind- An individual require to hide his ego everywhere he goes. Be it office or workplace you need to leave your ego behind if you wish to win appreciation from others. A particular who is good from within is loved by all.


  • Avoid Backbiting- Backstabbing and criticizing people are negative manner which work against a particular personality. Learn to appreciate others. If someone has done some extraordinary task, do not forget to provide a pat on his/her back. Believe me; the other person will speak immense of you alike when you are not around. Do not spread needless rumours about someone. A particular should not try to interfere too much in someone’s personal life. Dishonesty, cheating, lies harm your image and people start avoiding you in the long run. If your friend is seeing someone, you have absolutely no right to make his/her affair national news.


  • Help others- Do not always think of inconvenience others. Share whatever you know. Remember no one can steal your knowledge. Always help others.


  • Confidence- Confidence is fundamental to a positive personality. Give off confidence and positive aura wherever you go.


  • A Patient listener- Be a patient listener. Never interrupt when others are speaking. Try to imbibe good qualities of others.


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